RawRods.com: Day Day + KC Long

KC Long is hittin up Day Day for some weed. They go back to Day Day’s place and decide to fool around while they wait for a delivery. KC starts suckin on Day Day getting him hard and wet, a perfect way to be before fuckin some ass raw. Day Day has to get a lil taste of KC’s ass first tho, so he tongues that hole deep and gets it ready for his dick. KC gets bent over on all fours and drilled long, hard, and without mercy by Day Day’s big dick . Day Day always digs in and hits it rough like a thug. KC can’t even contain himself and ends up shooting his load all over the bed while Day Day is still fuckin him. Day Day finishes by creaming KC’s sweet ass and makes sure to bury some of it deep in him before sending him on his way.

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