ThugBoy Update This Week: Deshawn Bentley + Romeo St. James

Romeo was havin a real bad day at work and was lookin for a drink at his crib but his bottle was missing. He yells at Deshawn askin where his shit is but Deshawn has no idea. Deshawn tries to calm Romeo down by teasing him with his beautiful ass. He figures nothin is better than a rough fuck to let off some steam. Deshawn wraps his lips around Romeo’s impressive piece and before you know it Romeo is only thinking about getting it all the way up Deshawn’s hole. He bends that shit over and starts to plow it deep. Deshawn loves it so much he is yelling and begging for more while he backs up on it. Romeo is so worked up he can’t hold it any longer and he busts his huge nut all over Deshawn’s face and Deshawn empties his tanks too. There’s no way Romeo could be mad after that!

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