RawRods Update This Week: Diego Sanchez + Romeo St. James

Romeo and Diego are just chillin at the crib and doing some laundry. Romeo catches Diego having some trouble figuring out the dryer. Diego gets frustrated and can’t figure that shit out but he tells Romeo that he’s good at other things. He kneels down and starts sucking on Romeos huge dick and starts to get real hungry to have it up his ass. Romeo spreads Diego’s legs and eats his ass out to get it nice and wet. Once Romeo starts fucking it Diego doesn’t want this brotha to take it out. He buries Romeo’s piece and milks that shit with his tight ass. Romeo is loving it so much he almost nuts up in Diego but pulls out just in time to cover him with his load.

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One Response to RawRods Update This Week: Diego Sanchez + Romeo St. James

  1. One of the BEST gay videos I’ve seen To-date Classic Timeless Romeo St. james & Diego Sanchez Did The DAM THANG!!! BRAVO FLAVAWORKS.COM


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