RAWRODS UPDATE : Kristian Dawawan + Rasheed Coles 2

Kristian Dawawan and Rasheed Coles are kickin it and chillin on the balcony taking shots. They take a bet that whoever can finish their shot the fastest, gets some head and ass. Kristian gets the job done first and Rasheed has no choice and starts sucking Kristian off. Kristian bends Rasheed over and starts to tongue his tight little ass. They decide to take it inside and Rasheed climbs on Kristian and wraps his tight hole around Kristian’s fat dick. He gives that dick a real good ride, then Kristian takes him from behind and pounds Rasheed real good. Once Kristian pounds that for a while, it isn’t long before he’s ready to nut. He unleashes his load all over Rasheed’s pretty ass then sucks on Rasheed’s dick until it busts all over Kristian’s face.

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One Response to RAWRODS UPDATE : Kristian Dawawan + Rasheed Coles 2

  1. Dion513 says:

    This is so hot yo. I been like kristian from day one. I need to do a flick with him…


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