Cocodorm Wannabe – BT







[verify] = 2DFF
[StageName] = BT
[City] = toledo
[State] = OH
[Country] = USA
[Age] = 21
[Race] = BLACK
[WhyModel?] = To make money 
[Modeled_B4?] = No
[Body_Type] = THIN
[Dick_Size] = 7
[Circumsized?] = Yes, I am Cut (circumcised)
[Body_Hair] = Hairy - Lots of Body Hair
[Tattoos] = I have more than one Tattoo
[Scars] = I have NO Scars
[Height] = 6'0
[Weight] = 155
[Hair_Color] = Black
[Eye_Color] = Brown
[Skin_Complexion] = Light
[Piercing] = My Tongue is Pierced
[Sexual_Orientation] = Gay
[Sexual_Preference] = Versatile Bottom
[facial] = Yes
[style] = In Between
[freaky] =  somebody f*** me nut on my face f*** me again gag me with their dick and I also have had 3 Somes foursomes overall group Sex I'm not camera shy I can masturbate all day solo used toy and I love to bottom
[Facebook] = eddie chambliss
[Description] = I'm really looking to jump start my career in modeling I also overall I am looking to be an entrepreneur  a little bit of about me i want to own my own empire I really own my own business now is nowhere trying to join the modeling field I would love to join I love sex I'm not camera shy I could do whatever I am NOT a prostitute so I'm not looking for pennies on the dollar I'm really looking to make big bucks and succeed in life I love cooking eating shopping clubbing just overall having fun I am drug free and really love the idea of coming to Miami I can do whatever like I said I'm trying to become an entrepreneur so learning more would be better even if it's in the filmmaking or whatever I graduated high school at the age of 15 I'm now 21 I have went to college I got some college experience and ready right now like I said I'm trying to be come out for new I have to pay for college I have to pay to get my business off the ground and going so I'm really looking for something as dominant and proactive with me now I like long walks on the beach I like talking I love meeting new people and making friends I'm looking for safe sex or really open as long as the other person is HIV negative I don't really know what else to say i live in Toledo Ohio not  trying to stay here long I'm really looking to come there make big bucks and make yall big bucks and move to Colorado Denver Colorado that is and start my business there and get a full life career on the side I do nails and lashes basically my own little studio and that's what I'm trying to open up so if this will help me in doing so I'm willing to do whatever it takes just send me my plane ticket and I could come today
[Skills] = deep throating gagging riding dick taking two dicks at once but I'm not blown out my hole is super tight
[Talent] = I could cook do hair do nails overall basically anything you ask me it could be done
[Age_Check] = 1

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