Cocodorm Wannabee – Armani the God

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[StageName] = Armani The God 
[City] = Panama Ciry 
[State] = FL
[Country] = USA
[Age] = 19
[Race] = BLACK
[WhyModel?] = I just moved to Florida to purse and start a career I wanna become an adult entertainer so why not start here .. 
[Modeled_B4?] = No I haven't .
[Body_Type] = THIN
[Dick_Size] = 10'
[Circumsized?] = No, I am not Cut (uncircumcised)
[Body_Hair] = Smooth - No Body Hair
[Tattoos] = I have more than one Tattoo
[Scars] = I have NO Scars
[Height] = 5'8
[Weight] = 121
[Hair_Color] = Black
[Eye_Color] = Brown
[Skin_Complexion] = Light
[Piercing] = My Ear(s) is/are Pierced
[Sexual_Orientation] = Gay
[Sexual_Preference] = Top
[facial] = No
[style] = In Between
[knownstds] = No but I'm willing to test again for STDs & HIV . 
[freaky] = A 4 some 3 bottoms & me 
[Description] = My career goals , I wanna have my own Gay Strip Club One Day.. I wanna own businesses like a hair salon & barber shop .. I want a bar and a lounge as well .. As of now i wanna pursue become an adult film star or a dancer .. I love to get my Dick Sucked & Rode .. I love kissing & I love to hear other dudes moan it's such a turn on , I have applied to model with , still waiting on them to get back with me . 
[Skills] = I have good head , Amazing Sex , kissing 
[Talent] = I write , I draw , I dance , I sing .. I'm a jack of all trades , I can do everything from designing - hair and makeup
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