Cocodorm Wannabee – Blackanese

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[StageName] = Blackanese
[City] = North Little Rock
[State] = AR
[Country] = USA
[Age] = 23
[Race] = BLACK
[WhyModel?] = I believe it will be a great experience for me this will be my first time ever doing something like this
[Modeled_B4?] = No
[Dick_Size] = 7
[Circumsized?] = Yes, I am Cut (circumcised)
[Body_Hair] = Smooth - No Body Hair
[Tattoos] = I have one Tattoo
[Scars] = I have NO Scars
[Height] = 5'2
[Weight] = 110
[Hair_Color] = Black
[Eye_Color] = Brown
[Skin_Complexion] = Dark
[Piercing] = I have NO Piercing
[Sexual_Orientation] = Gay
[Sexual_Preference] = Versatile Bottom
[facial] = No
[style] = Masculine 
[freaky] = Don't really have that much experience when it comes to sex I would not mind trying new things but if it's something I do not like I will tell you
[Description] = My career goal is to get through college right now and go for marine biology I love the sea life and animals I am a college make 3.0 and I've been in school for 5 months now. I have never been a model before but it's something I would like to try out and get some experience from it.
[Skills] = You would have to see 
[Talent] = My talents is dealing with animals and I like electronics!
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