Cocodorm Wannabee – Khalil

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[StageName] = Khalil
[City] = Houston
[State] = TX
[Country] = USA
[Age] = 24
[Race] = BLACK
[WhyModel?] = To open myself to more opportunities.
[Modeled_B4?] = No I have not modeled before.
[Body_Type] = AVERAGE BODY
[Dick_Size] = 8
[Circumsized?] = No, I am not Cut (uncircumcised)
[Body_Hair] = Moderate - Some Body Hair
[Tattoos] = I have more than one Tattoo
[Scars] = I have one Scar
[Height] = 5'11
[Weight] = 160
[Hair_Color] = Black
[Eye_Color] = Brown
[Skin_Complexion] = Medium
[Piercing] = My Ear(s) is/are Pierced
[Sexual_Orientation] = Gay
[Sexual_Preference] = Versatile
[facial] = No
[style] = Masculine
[hivstatus] = Negative
[freaky] = Tagged teamed alongside my bestfriend in college.
[Description] = I am currently in my senior year in college, soon to receive my degree I Psychology and a minor in music. Then I will be working towards my masters in forensic psychology. Sexually pleasing others, pleases me so that leaves open a wide variety of ideas. I have not applied to model for any site.
[Skills] = I'm open to just about anything. I love to use my lips, dick, and tongue to lick, suck, fuck..... just makeing it happen. I'm quite flexible 
[Talent] = Any talent I put my mind too. I'm a part-time classical dancer, play several brass instruments, and have sung in several groups based in Houston. Having you fall in love in my best talent.
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